AHAB announce video contest!

AHAB are working on their long awaited follow up to 2012’s ‘The Giant’ album and they want you to get involved.

AHAB – “As you might know, we’re just about to write a new album and we want YOU to participate this time! So if you’re into audiovisual art in any form and would like to do a short film for us, this might be interesting for you:  Any idea, any technique, any twist you might think of is good – may it be stop motion, silhouette, documentary, animation, cartoons, serious stuff, heavy with meaning stuff, even satirical stuff… whatever – we’d love to see it.

But keep in mind: Our songs are mostly around 10 minutes long. And note: we don’t want t to be filmed as “actors” or as musicians pretending to play the songs live on an iceberg, in a forest or anywhere else. ;-)

OF COURSE: We DON’T want you to do the final video of the new song for free (!) – we won’t have a monster budget though of course, but a decent one. (A good piece of art should have its price, we think).

How to take part: Just take your favorite minute of any of our old songs and send your visual interpretation of it until 1st of May latest as a download-link. It should be in HD quality of course. We’ll choose the best ones. Please do not upload it anywhere in public.

ANY QUESTIONS? Drop us an e-mail to management@ahab-doom.de

AHAB is looking forward to your art!


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