Agincourt – Angels of Mons


Agincourt.Even by the name of the band,one can conjure up what is in store here.Classic hard rock/ metal played by experienced musicians.To my ears it is unashamedly NWOBHM.Big riffs,catchy hooks/choruses,no ott guitar solos,just written to fit the mood of the song and a lung busting vocalist.The vocalist here is Richard E.Toy who plays a mean guitar to and his voice reminds me of a melodic Ozzy Osbourne.
In fact,the album opener “Edge Of Paradise” has a Sabbathy bluster about it and the 10 song affair ends with the epic “Agincourt” which recreates the mood of the battle that the band have taken their name from.The songwriting duo of Richard and bassist Russ Weaver have penned some no nonsense metal but there is some respite with the restrained “Come With Me” complete with some “woah oh oh’s”.
Angels of Mons has been out in the UK for about 6 months now,had a Japanese release on the Spirit label in July and will be unleashed in Germany via High Roller records on Nov.4th.Anybody going to the Hard Rock Hell festival in Prestatyn this year can catch Agincourt on the NWOBHM stage on Sat.Dec 3rd.Agincourt consist of :
Richard E.Toy-Vocals/Guitar.
Paul Anderson-Guitar.
Russ Weaver-Bass
Steve Riley-Drums. (Paul Brookes played on the album).
This is now the current Agincourt since their formation in 1991.They split in 1997 due to a change in the music scene but reformed in 2008 and began writing Angel Of Noms a year later.Angel Of  Mons  track listing:-
Edge Of Paradise.
Going Insane.
Captured King.
Come With Me.
This Life.
Fool No More.
Queen Of The Night.
Promised Land.

I award this album 9/10

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