After Smoke Clears – Interview

With a stunning new video ‘The Fear’ – and collaboration with CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder, UK heavyweights AFTER SMOKE CLEARS are certainly on the rise. We caught up with the guys to find out more:

What is the full band line-up, who sings and who plays which instrument?

After Smoke Clears has gone through a few lineup changes over the years which has influenced our sound and image. It’s an ever-evolving process and we’re really pleased with where we are currently: Nick Hurford is main vocals, Kiran Solanki plays guitar, David Cau on drums, and Aaron Dohnt on Bass, backing vocals and production.

How and when did the band form? Tell us anything interesting about your hometown.

The band as we know it, formed initially through online notice boards, like Gumtree, we were all pretty new to London when we joined. When we first started we didn’t really have any idea what we were doing and just wanted to get a few songs together and play some shows. Our first show blew us away, and ever since then we’ve been hungry to grow our audience and hone our music.

When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

The band really started to gel and get serious in about mid-2019, when we decided to write the album. This was a massive challenge we set ourselves, only having written a handful of songs before this point. We dedicated months and months to writing, producing, and working out what it is exactly we wanted our sound to be. It was a steep learning curve, but it definitely proved our determination. With the start of the release cycle for the album in March 2020, you could tell we were serious, despite the pandemic we released seven music videos throughout the year, culminating with the album release in November, gaining a 7 out of 10 review in Metal Hammer.

Who are your musical influences?

Our musical influences are diverse yet overlap. We take inspiration from festival favourite bands like Lamb of God and Gojira, Northlane, Knocked Loose, ERRA Parkway Drive, Bleed From Within, Architects, Counterparts, and the Contortionist, but also bands that are exploding on the UK scene right now such as Malevolence, Loathe, Static Dress, Death Blooms. Also other genred artists such as Aesop Rock, Death Grips, and Benny Greb.

Where did the name of the band come from?

Choosing a name for a band is such a difficult decision fraught with numerous pitfalls. Our original name had to change because it was often misspelt and misread so we had an opportunity to choose a new name that had some meaning and was deliberate. ‘After Smoke Clears’ came about as a metaphor for the clarity and rejuvenation after chaos and destruction. Much like a bushfire, which in a sense represents destruction of the past, but offers a chance for new life, as part of the circle of life. We felt this represented our new approach and constant change within the band and in life.

How far back does your history with each other (the band members) extend?

We only know each other as a result of the band, when the first iteration of the band was created, we were all new to London and in some instances, pretty new to the UK with three of us were from Italy and one from Australia. We’ve all grown close through the trials and tribulations of being in a hardworking band, and grown friendships. So, we don’t go back far, but we go back strong.

Where have you played or toured?

We’ve played in England, Wales and Italy, with the following notable bands: InVisions, Vexed, THECITYISOURS, As Everything Unfolds, ChuggaBoom, and Incite (US).

In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?

We’re different because we’re not afraid to try something new, without becoming too hard to listen to we’re always on the lookout for new sounds and new techniques. But this is always combined with a strong groove, the ultimate ingredient for all After Smoke Clears songs.


f a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?

Imagine being shot out of a massive cannon, across a field of flames, whilst a thunderstorm rages around you with thunder clapping in a rhythm you can feel in your stomach and do nothing but bang your head to it. Only to land safely at the end, with a refreshing perspective of what you’ve just been through.

Where can we find your social media sites?

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