Acid Reign – Central Live Music Venue – Wrexham.

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Acid Reign

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On 12 September 2021
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They are out to prove they are the square-danciest band in the world and who could argue?

30 years ago Acid Reign played a gig in Wrexham. I lived less than a mile from the venue, was a massive fan and had money in my pocket. And yet I didn’t go. I’m not sure why not. Maybe I thought I’d catch them next time. As Homer (of Simpson’s fame not ancient Greek literature) would say ‘Doh!’

So anyway, I finally get to see them a few years down the line. Never say never.

Opening band Thrashatouille apparently mix fast metal with expert culinary skills. They definably broke some eggs with their assault on the senses and made quite a meal out of their performance (sorry!).

Next up was Reaper, a self described four-piece progressive thrash band from Merseyside. I hadn’t heard them before. Whilst trying to catch a picture of the lead singers hair, in its full headbanging glory, I went from these are good, to very good and onto bloody hell these lads are storming.

I like to move around during a set, to get to see how they are going down with the crowd. During this I caught a word with “H” himself (Acid Reign’s “H” not Steps in case there was some confusion). Without putting words into his mouth he was, like me, impressed with these young Mancunians and we both expect that you’ll be seeing them on a much bigger stage soon.

The fact you are reading my review probably means you know who Acid Reign are/were. I also imagine they have a small place in your heart mixed up with memories of your younger days. If you are either A, young or B, never heard of Acid Reign come back later once you have A, grown up or B, sorted your priorities out!

Apparently “H” has discovered how to not grow old. His voice sounded just like it had on the records 30 years ago. He also appears to have the body of a man half his age or at least half the size (small man joke, sorry “H” but I’m allowed as I’m even shorter!)

Leaping around the stage, jumping on speakers, balancing on tables and even popping to the bar mid song was all done at a frantic pace without missing a beat.

There was even time for a trip to the little boys room, where he was scared by the size of something unmentionable!

The only downside of the whole night was that the five piece band was down to four with Paul having Covid (get well soon mate). Even so, we got to hear classics like Goddess, The Fear and Motherly Love. Oh how I used to like to play that one to my dear old Mum (Who is, ironically, still going strong).

When I heard the new album in 2019 I was amazed at how fresh they sounded and yet also like they had been playing together for the last 30 years. After seeing them live (at last) I think Acid Reign aren’t on a comeback tour.

They are out to prove they are the square-danciest band in the world and who could argue?

They are out to prove they are the square-danciest band in the world and who could argue?

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