Achren – Impaled at Bloodstock 2010 DVD review

I actually had this DVD passed onto me by Planet Mosh’s own David Farrell who described this DVD as a god awful racket. But all I can say is: “David, thank you for passing this stunning disk full of death metal mayhem onto me”. This is Achren at their very best: Dirty, crust infected death metal which doesn’t give a damn if it offends you in any way! Unfortunately only playing 30 minutes at Bloodstock’s New Blood stage, Achren don’t let this get in their way and bring down the roof with their take on blackened death metal. This show is the rise of Achren, and with the best live DVD ever under their ‘Wings of War’, Achren are the kings of the underground death metal scene and they are a force not to be reckoned with live.

There is so much going on in Impaled at Bloodstock 2010, and while these Scottish death metal machine don’t have a very memorable production, you can’t help but be mesmerised and quite scared by front man Scott Anderson who throws himself about the stage with his BC Rich Warbeast while growling like a blood hungry Grizzly Bear to killer songs like: ‘Wings of War’, ‘The Way Of the Twilight or the Aura of Flies’, ‘Impaled’ and ‘Bastards on the Gallows or Bastards on the rack’ which ignites Bloodstock into a sea of moshing showing just how much they are enjoying this amazing set.

Sure, the sound may not be the best, but that’s what makes Impaled at Bloodstock 2010 so perfect. Death metal is supposed to sound dirty and harsh, and even if you were not at the show the recording is so loud it makes you feel like this momentous occasion is happening in your own living room. The downturned, distorted riffs are razor like and precise, and when it is mixed with the charging rhythm section it redefines the definition of LOUD, getting better and better and louder and louder as the set progresses.

Not only is Impaled at Bloodstock 2010 musically perfect. It is also visually perfect, getting good shots of each individual member (including a very constipated looking drummer), close up’s on guitar solos, crowd shots and Scott’s onstage craziness during  ‘The Way Of the Twilight or the Aura of Flies’ when he actually takes his guitar off of him and waves it round like some enraged Viking with a battleaxe. It’s crazy to watch and its things like this that make live DVD’s memorable.

If DVD’s were allowed in my top 20 of 2011, then Achren Impaled at Bloodstock 2010 would be number one. Due to its insane musicianship, onstage mayhem, and pro shot footage, Achren should be proud that they have had recorded the best live DVD ever and that those who are lucky enough to buy this DVD and watch this will have the time of their life listening to Scotland’s best death metal band. Wait. No. One of theworld’s best death metal bands! [10/10]

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