Neonfly – Outshine the Sun CD review


Outshine the Sun is the highly anticipated album from London’s own AOR/Power metal heroes the mighty Neonfly, and if you though this debut album was going to be a good album then you are very wrong…….. It is amazing, one of the best albums of this year in fact. With Outshine the Sun; Neonfly have served up a mixed collection of: Driving power metal anthems, brilliant AOR hits and beautiful ballads, which makes Outshine the Sun an extremely diverse album. If you ever wanted an album that will appeal to any music fan then this is the album to do, and with eleven all killer no filler sing along hits on it, Outshine the Sun will convert you into a Neonfly fan from the word go!

Latest addition to the Neonfly line-up the crazy Willy Norton is a far better vocalist than their previous singer, and his talent really shines through in every song on this album. Whether it be high or low, fast or slow, his articulation and tone of voice really will blow your mind, and when tracks like: ‘Broken Wings’, ‘Spitting Blood’ and ‘The Enemy’ hit you, you will have no problem singing along with the catchy lyrics, and complimenting Willy as one of the best melodic rock singers of the past ten years.

The amount of singles on Outshine the Sun is unbelievable. Neonfly could literally pick any songs off this album and it would be ideal for radio play, a music video and sound insane when played live. There are so many memorable moments on this album; from the opening riff of ‘The Revenant’ to the melodic love song ‘A Gift to Remember’ Neonfly hook the listener with their stunning musical mastery, showing that every member of Neonfly, whether it is the dreadlocked bass monster Paul Miller, the shredding gruesome twosome on guitars Frederick Thunder and Patrick Harrington or BORIS on the drums, Neonfly are extremely talented guys and have pushed themselves to the limit when writing these songs.

One of the best things about Outshine the Sun is actually the slower songs. The tracks ‘The Messenger’ and ‘A Gift to Remember’ are both new tracks and no doubt you will be singing these songs over and over again even after the album has finished.  It’s the lyrics that make these songs excellent, as they are memorable, and while the faster songs on the album concentrate towards the musicianship, these two tracks makes the vocals shine without compromising the music.

Outshine the Sun is definitely a contender for album of the year. With melodic rock that makes you want to sing along, but also makes you want to mosh like a madman, there has never been a debut album which is as brilliant as this. Well done lads…… We can’t wait for the next one! [9/10]

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