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On 8 January 2017
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A great live album with plenty of songs from the Blind Rage album included alongside the classics

While Accept fans wait for a new studio album from Accept, the waiting is about to get a whole lot easier with the release of a new Live album.  Recorded on tour in Europe it’s being released as a double CD or double CD/DVD.  If you opt for the version with the DVD then that gives a huge 27 songs on CD and an 18 song live DVD – pretty good value.

As you’d expect, their latest studio album is well represented in the set, and you get 8 songs from that album included here which is a lot given that many bands will only include three or four songs at most from the latest album in their live shows.  Add in another 5 songs from the two previous albums and half the songs here come from the post 2009 period when the band returned with Mark Tornillo on vocals.  The rest of the set is made up of a whole host of classics including “Balls to the wall”, “Metal heart”, “fast as a shark” and more.  With so many great songs, both old and new and the band sounding to be in great form then this is an excellent live release.

It’s inevitable that this live release will be competing with the live album from Udo Dirkschneider (Dirkschneider – Live, Back to the roots) that was released in late November and featured a set made up entirely of Accept songs from his many years fronting the band. Both are great live albums, and while the Dirkschneider release features some of the same songs as this one (the classics) there are significant differences in the setlists with Udo including songs Accept rarely or never play live while Accept’s album features a lot of material fromt he Mark Tornillo era, so I’d certainly recommend both of these albums.

A great live album that fans of Accept are sure to enjoy.

Track listing:

CD 1
1. Stampede
2. Stalingrad
3. Hellfire
4. London Leatherboys
5. Living for Tonite
6. 200 Years
7. Demon’s Night
8. Dying Breed
9. Final Journey
10. From the Ashes We Rise
11. Losers and Winners
12. No Shelter
13. Shadow Soldiers
14. Midnight Mover

CD 2
1. Starlight
2. Restless and Wild
3. Son of a Bitch
4. Pandemic
5. Dark Side of My Heart
6. The Curse
7. Flash Rockin’ Man
8. Bulletproof
9. Fall of the Empire
10. Fast As a Shark
11. Metal Heart
12. Teutonic Terror
13. Balls to the Wall

1. Stampede
2. Stalingrad
3. London Leatherboys
4. Restless and Wild
5. Dying Breed
6. Final Journey
7. Shadow Soldiers
8. Losers and Winners
9. 200 Years
10. Midnight Mover
11. No Shelter
12. Princess of the Dawn
13. Dark Side of My Heart
14. Pandemic
15. Fast As a Shark

A great live album with plenty of songs from the Blind Rage album included alongside the classics

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