ABSENTIA LUNAE Reveal Teaser Video For New Album ‘Vorwarts’

Absentia Lunae - Vorwarts
Absentia Lunae – Vorwarts

Italian Futurist black metallers Absentia Lunae reveal a new teaser video for their highly anticipated new album, Vorwarts, set for international release on November 3rd via Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation (ATMF). Absentia Lunae have been always upfront in crushing the stagnant chaos of black metal to forge a new shape of music. Capturing the essence of the most arrogant, elitist martial attitude of the darkest side can become a new manner to influence listener energy. We need a new border to be crushed; we need the energy to raise the freedom of the inner self, disturbed by the frequencies of what we wrongfully call “modernity.” Vorwarts means “forward” – never looking back, reacting to the stagnant chaos of the thousand dead voices trying to confuse the inner self.



Absentia Lunae’s new mission starts where the father of avant-garde black metal failed, without wasting an inch of determination to the artistic goal due to self-indulgence, but looking to the point and to the final target, far beyond the shadow of any minimalist substance. Some may recall echoes of Mayhem’s second era, provoking attitude, but there all is forged into the statue that Vorwartsrepresents, like a picture of fatalism, like a strong wind devouring the sand dunes of transience. A new kin will rise but will soon take the distance from the human being, transcending the mundane. The most revolutionary artistic movement of the past century, Futurism, raised from Italy, today becomes a source of inspiration and reaction to the lack of arrogance and pretension of today’s scene. Hear for yourself ample evidence of this assertion exclusively HERE.


Tracklisting for Absentia Lunae’s Vorwarts

1. Dissolution Mechanism

2. Furor of the Monuments

3. Rapace Planare

4. Manipulated Statues of Flesh

5. Vorwarts

6. Tragedy Told By Golden Horns

7. L’arrivée





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