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On 11 September 2014
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Here's @PlanetMosh's review of stalwart black metal band Abigor's 2014 release, Leytmotif Luzifer.

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Dissonant, fast, unsettling, and brutal, Austrian veteran black metal band Abigor‘s 2014 disc, Leytmotif Luzifer, is everything a purist black metal fan should want. Leytmotif Luzifer contains seven original songs, with no excesses, no poor recording or bad sound, just pure Satanic splendor and bleakness.

Focusing on the seven “temptations of man”, the album has a nicely woven lyrical concept coupled with fairly intelligible vocals, underscoring their clear message. Tempos change fluidly, ranging from a genre staple – the blastbeat – to a ponderous dirge. Plenty of attention is paid to production and sonic layers, but the disc retains a “basic rock band” (vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums) feel. Musicianship is overall excellent, balanced, and clear – this is no “ugly”, bargain-basement fly-by-night demo. There are lots of subtle, scattered flourishes and motives to irresistibly attract the ear to the track-at-hand.

Electric guitar with no effects is nearly silent; there’s loads of gain applied to the string work on this album. The bass drum has the same volume per hit regardless of tempo; this points to triggering. Perhaps what the band meant when they said this album had “no effects” was that there wasn’t pitch correction applied to the vocals.

If you were chased away by elitist attitudes that black metal as a genre adopted, give it another listen. If you dig metal with any sort of religious overtones – these guys are as zealous and convincing in their Satanism as Stryper is in their Christianity – you’ll adore this disc.

Temptation I Ego
Temptation II Stasis
Temptation III Akrasia
Temptation IV Indulgence
Temptation V Neglect
Temptation VI Compos Mentus
Temptation VII Excessus

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Here's @PlanetMosh's review of stalwart black metal band Abigor's 2014 release, Leytmotif Luzifer.

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