A Silent Escape are now prepared to make their mark on the UK scene. Meshing the hard-hitting delivery of ‘Comeback Kid’ and ‘In Flames’ with the song-writing sensibilities of punk-rockers ‘Millencolin’, A Silent Escape are set to push open the envelope in the shape of their stunning self-titled debut album, out 4th June through all digital stores.

A Silent Escape stem from the small Swedish town of Falkenberg (which is also the unsuspecting home to the likes of Sonic Syndicate, Venerea, and The Unguided, amongst others). Formed just over two years ago, the beginnings of A Silent Escape can be tracked back to a band formerly know as ‘Union Square’, where current A Silent Escape vocalist/bassist Patrick Stenborg, Nic Antoni Lindqvist (Drums in ASE) and Joel Nilsson (Vocals/Lead Guitar also in ASE) played alongside each other. Eventually the band went on to split from their major label deal with Warners, citing “creative differences”. Ultimately, Union Square’s brave decision to stick to their creative path became the unravelling of the band. However, rising from the ashes of Union Square, A Silent Escape were formed in 2010 when Pat, Nic and Joel hooked up with fellow school friend Eddie (Guitar). Wanting to put the fun back into music, the newly formed quartet began to intensely write together, hiring a nearby rehearsal space, and beginning to fall back into the enjoyment of playing music again.

Fast forward to eighteen months, and the energetic four-piece are now armed with a potent full length self-titled album that pushes the musical boundaries and is even more challenging than their previous work. The record boots off with an explosive opener in the shape of ‘Blackhole Gravity’, which bursts wildly from the traps with gripping dynamics and a colossal refrain. The track is a powerful slab of alluring high velocity metallic punk-rock that aptly opens proceedings. Next up, is the lusciously melodic ‘Final Chapter’ which has a captivating cadence fans will adore. Another key highlight of the record is the gargantuan ‘Smalltown Outcast’ that comes over you like an earth-shattering tidal wave. From start to finish, A Silent Escape have produced a truly engaging record that is enterprising, beefy and jam-packed with killer hooks!


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