4Bitten – Delirium

Hailing from Athens, 4Bitten have been around since 2002 but this release must surely be the highlight of their career so far. 11 blues based Hard Rock tracks of serious quality, played with an obvious passion and panache which would put many other bands to shame.
From opening track ’Burning The Candle’ the standard is firmly set and doesn’t slip at any point. ’Live 4 Today’ with it’s fist punching chorus, the beautifully slow paced ’A Different Fate’, the incredibly radio friendly ’Far From Grace’ (one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a long long time) to the downright dirty riffs of ’Delirium’ this really is an album that should see the band rub shoulders with the best that Hard Rock has to offer.
Vocalist Fofi Roussos gives her all in a performance that grabs your imagination and doesn’t let go until the final echoes of closer ’Tomorrow Never Comes’ fade in to the background, all backed up by a refreshingly high standard of musicianship.
For fans of The Answer and all good Hard Rock.

Rating : 8.5/10

Track Listing;

1. Burning The Candle.
2. Jaded.
3. Let It All Burn.
4. Live 4 Today.
5. A Different Fate.
6. Games U Play.
7. Far From Grace.
8. Delirium.
9. Not This Time.
10. Through The Fire.
11. Tomorrow Never Comes.


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