Four By Fate – Relentless released on the 3rd June.

These rock juggernauts, who have shred stages from Poughkeepsie to Norway, release their highly anticipated studio album Relentless on 3rd June 2016 via Amazing Record Co.

“This record tells the tale of all the musical roads and history we’ve travelled. I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a part of this first studio album for FOUR BY FATE” says guitarist and vocalist Pat Gasperini.

When the mysterious power of fate helped four rock and roll veterans join forces the result was electrifying. A supergroup of four industry titans, FOUR BY FATE’s lineup consists of: John Regan, Tod Howarth, Rob Affuso and Patrick James Gasperini.

The seeds for the band’s formation were planted in 1986 when John Regan and Tod Howarth were on tour together; Regan playing bass with John Waite and Howarth singing and playing keyboards with Cheap Trick.

The tour brought the pair together as friends and musicians and many months later Regan asked Howarth to join him in Frehley’s Comet, a band fronted by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, the legendary KISS guitarist/singer Ace Frehley.

In 2014, Regan and Howarth join forces again on a new project – FOUR BY FATE. Enter Pat Gasperini, a New York guitarist/singer and prolific songwriter. With a solid east coast resume he adds ripping guitar hero presence and big tunes. Shortly after, the band invite powerhouse percussionist Rob Affuso (Skid Row) to complete the final foursome.

Adding further rock pedigree, other contributors to the FOUR BY FATE story include Stet Howland (drummer for WASP), Sean Kelly (guitarist for Helix and Nelly Furtado) and AJ Pero (drummer from Twisted Sister), who recorded six tracks on the album before he tragically passed away in early 2015 – this is thought to be his last recording.


Bassist and producer, John Regan has a long list of credits under his belt since touring with Peter Frampton from 1979 through 2010.  Regan has toured with Dave Edmunds, Stephen Stills, John Waite, Scandal featuring Patty Smythe and Ace Frehley’s band Frehley’s Comet. His impressive recording credits include: playing bass for Mick Jagger/David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, David Lee Roth and Billy Idol, among a long list of other iconic Artists.

Singer, guitarist and keyboardist, Tod Howarth has recorded and toured with a handful of legendary rock acts including 707, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick and Frehley’s Comet. A songwriter and producer he has 5 solo albums to his credit along with songs written for the bands mentioned.

Drummer Rob Affuso is best known as the percussionist of the hugely popular rock band Skid Row that sold over 20 million albums worldwide, achieved four Billboard top 100 songs and seven number one videos.  Affuso has also recorded with members of Guns N Roses, Jeff Beck and Gilby Clarke.

Guitarist and vocalist, Patrick James Gasperini is a songwriter, producer and longtime musician. He has founded numerous chart-topping bands including Pound (single “Upside Down” reached No. 15 on Billboard’s chart), Flywheel, Psycho High and several others.

Tod Howarth adds “we are not only thrilled with the end result in ‘Relentless’ we are already looking forward to the next CD”



John Regan – Bass

Tod Howarth – Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar

Rob Affuso – Drums

Patrick James Gasperini – Guitar/Vocals

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