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On 6 March 2014
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Fantastic debut album, band with great potential

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If your childhood didn’t quite cover watching cheesy 80s films you probably may not get the referencing to 1980S film starring Tom Hanks, Zoltar, being the coin operating fortune teller. Beginning their career some 21 years after the release of the film, Zoltar Speaks descended upon the melodic metal scene from their origins of Somerset. With a reshuffle of bassists back in 2012 and a well-received E.P ‘Treatment’ in the same year, Zoltar Speaks have this twelve track album for your musical pleasure. Having released their first official video for Last Man Standing, the track features on the album along with Treatment which also featured on the previously released E.P.

The actual artwork for the album is breath-taking, designed by Sam Hayles, from DOSEPROD, depicted in a post-apocalyptic style, featuring the band in various lethal looking poses contained in an eight page booklet. This intensity is mirrored in the lead singer’s vocals which are sung throughout the album with a sense of urgency only letting up for the intro track and a beautiful ballad Braver.

After a brief piano laden 36 second  hidden track ,Save as I Save opens with See you in another life in which female lead vocalist Louise Body  opens up  the track showing her vocal range then dives into heavy double bass drums, and heavier male vocals which works well to balance the track out. Towards the end of the track her vocals take on intensity to rival Skunk Anansie. Next is Last man standing, nice guitar work from the two shredders Simon Roocroft and Ollie Smith, featured on their E.P. I’m coming quite frantic drum intro, the anthemic, Take it away bounces vocally from an emotional plea to angry demonesque screaming, this female has been scorned “no matter how hard you try, you won’t take that away from me”, whatever it is I wouldn’t like to be them. Braver, sees a slower ballad with gentle drums, which gives the album a little diversity.

Face the Claymore is faster paced and draws more on punk elements with shoutier lyrics really like the punk influence on this track sung with pure anger, spikey riffs and manic drums.

Stand out tracks for me; See you in another life, Last man standing

TRACKLISTING: 1. A; 2. See You In Another Life; 3. Last Man Standing; 4. I’m Coming; 5. Cannot Be; 6. Flesh and Blood; 7. Face The Claymore; 8. Take It Away; 9. Braver; 10. Nothing in the World; 11. I Can, I Can’t; 12. Treatment.

Zoltar Speaks are; Louise Body Role: Lead Vocals, Jason Coles: Guitar, Ollie Smith: Guitar, Ben Dean: Drums: Simon Roocroft: Bass

RELEASE DATE: Monday 14th April


Fantastic debut album, band with great potential

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