Zodiac N Black – The Aftermyth

“The Aftermyth” is the debut album from London hard rockers Zodiac N Black.  The band cite influences including Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Black Sabbath.

Comments on a couple of the tracks…

The album opens with a heavy track, Bastinado (Useless trivia – apparently Bastinado is whipping/beating someone on the soles of their feet).  It opens with a great heavy guitar riff and is powerful, catchy, plenty of bass and pounding drums – a superb track and a great way to start the album off.  Listening to the song though you’d be forgiven for assuming it was called “Release me”.

“Who’s the fool (part one)” slows things down and is a much softer, ballad-like track.  It’s a nice change of pace and gives the band a chance to show another side to their talent.

“The joke is on us” is another slow song and starts off very gently before the power ramps up and the song picks up pace half way through.  Yet another great track.

The whole album is very good – there really aren’t any bad songs here.  It really is an impressive debut album.  It’s got a really good heavy hard rock sound with a Southern Rock feel to it.  The changes of pace mean there is enough variety to  maintain interest, and there’s plenty of power and energy in the album.  A great album and a band you really should check out.

Rating 8.5/10

Zodiac N Black are:

Bass – Hank
Drums – Luca
Guitars – Jim
Vocals – Jad

Track listing:

1. Bastinado
2. A necessary evil
3. Only the lonely
4. The joke is on us
5. Better off dead
6. Seems like better times
7. Who’s the fool (part one)
8. Bad pills
9. Making an enemy
10. Lights on blues

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