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On 9 October 2020
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Release date: CD(Now) - Download 06/11/20
Running length: 30mins 43secs.
Absolute Filth. Lovely. Buy it.

I first came across Yersin the Saturday before lockdown at Blossom’s in Stockport. Blew the roof off they did. The North East grindsters are one of the most brutal bands I’ve heard in a long time.

This latest offering is nothing short of fabulous. Title track and opener ‘Guilt ‘ is full force. Very similar to the early 90’s era where we had Morbil Angel and Death. Tranquil bass is devoured by intensity like I’ve not encountered for years. It’s so precise and tight, that it actually sounds like it’s going to go off, if you know what I mean.

‘Massive Headwound ‘ will give any pit goers just that. A minute or so into this song and I’m now in ‘Yersin land ‘. That feeling you get when an album takes you away. It’s brutality is it’s silent weapon, and considering this is a three piece act it’s sheer intensity speaks volumes.

Check out the main opening riff in ‘Northern Stronghold ‘. Probably as sexy as it gets. As an album goes, musically it’s totally relentless in every conceivable way. No let ups, no time to breath. ‘Fritzl ‘ is a great track. Sickeningly heavy, for a sick man.

The more I listen to Rob’s rancid guitar sound the more I appreciate what has gone into, not just the making of this album, but the time spent perfecting such a sound. It really does bring the best out of these songs.

Scrotal Sacrilege ‘ (what a great title), is pure Napalm Death, but album closer ‘Demon Slayer ‘ is a slower effort, but still full of intensity. It isn’t long before we are back to full speed.

Yersin have demonstrated here that brutal force can be achieved and is by no means diminishing in any way. An album of stunning imagination and pulsating intensity. Sunderland may be in lockdown, but by god it’s alive and kicking. Lovely.


1 – Guilt   2 – Massive Headwound   3 – Northern Stronghold   4 – Insidious Mechanised Barrymore   4 – Destroyer

5 – Executioner’s Bong   6 – H M C D C D D ?   7 – Fritzl   8 – Scrotal Sacrilege   9 – Demon Slayer


Chris Storey – Vocals   /   Rob Scott – Guitars   /   Chris Mallan – Drums


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Release date: CD(Now) - Download 06/11/20 Running length: 30mins 43secs. Absolute Filth. Lovely. Buy it.

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