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Wolves At The Gate

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On 16 June 2014
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...the music itself is energetic and positive, delivered passionately and flawlessly...

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Wolves At The Gate - VxV
Wolves At The Gate – VxV

Hailing from Cedarville Ohio, Wolves At The Gate’s first full-length album ‘Captors’ received a fair amount of success in the U.S. charting at number 17 in the Hard Rock Albums Chart back in 2012. Two years on, with some new personnel , the follow-up ‘VxV (Five by Five) has recently been released on Solid State Records.

After a brief spoken intro the album starts in earnest with the ferocious ‘Wake Up’. Throughout the album the ferocity only lets up for a couple of occasions mid-album during ‘The Bird and The Snake’ and ‘East To West’. The energy goes up a notch again with ‘The Convicted’, which is by far the heaviest rack on the record, and the tempo continues right up to closing track ‘The Father’s Bargain’.


Wolves At the Gate are a band who wear their hearts firmly on their sleeves and are certainly not shy about sharing their faith and the album’s underlying themes of sin, redemption, faith and sacrifice are plain for all to hear.

The music itself is energetic and positive, delivered passionately and flawlessly, though I get the feeling they may need to take a few risks musically to make the music stand out in a genre that seems somewhat crowded; but be under no illusion, these guys have some serious chops and have it within them to come up with something really special. And although they are described as Christian artists, church music this is not!

Track Listing:
1. VxV
2. Wake Up
3. Return
4. Dust To Dust
5. Relief
6. Rest
7. The Bird And The Snake
8. East To West
9. Wild Heart
10. The Convicted
11. Majesty In Misery
12. The Father’s Bargain

Band Lineup:
Steve Cobucci – Guitar / Vocals
Ben Summers- Bass
Nick Detty – Vocals
Dylan Baxter – Drums

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...the music itself is energetic and positive, delivered passionately and flawlessly...

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