Winds of Plague – Against The World (CD)

The Southern California purveyors of pain are going to quickly change the landscape of heavy music upon the release of their much anticipated release, “Against The World”, which is a perfect metallic assault of angst ridden fury. The group went back to their roots channelling the basic, urban hardcore elements, which made their Century Media Records debut offering, “Decimate The Weak”.

“Rise The Dead”intro is luring us into a brutal start to the album. Pounding guitars, great drumming along with determined vocals. The same goes for “One for the Butcher”

“Drop The Match” has a more rap feel to it whilst still retaining the strength and power that this album creates. “Built For War” starts off slow and melodic before the speeding up to a superb tempo of drums, guitars/bass and destructive vocals. “Refined in the Fire” has a mellower beat to it along with strong vocals.

“The Warrior Code” is a superb short spoken track. “Against The World” & “Monsters” continue in the heavy melodic style. “Most Hated” is heavier and more powerful.

Track 10 “Only Song” is a short instrumental track which combines mixture of styles and tempos. It has been formed together well and a pleasure to listen to. “California” & “Strength To Dominate” bring the tempo and brutality back up again and round off the album perfectly.

“Against The World” has beautifully captured the power and diversity that Winds Of Plague can offer. Each track has its own style and sound which stands out from each other. The full album flows well from track to track, leading us on an aurally pleasing journey. This is an album that deserves to be listened to, go check it out!

Rating  9/10

Track Listing

1. Raise The Dead

2. One For The Butcher

3. Drop The Match

4. Built For War

5. Refined In The Fire

6. The Warrior Code

7. Against The World

8. Monsters

9. Most Hated

10. Only Song Were Allowed To Play In Church Venues

11. California

12. Strength To Dominate

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