Wehrmacht & Cryptic Slaughter unite for Exclusive Obscene Extreme Set

When it comes to early day crossover and the seminal bands that paved their way through the 80’s mixing the precision and intensity of thrash with the energy and anger of old school hardcore, the list of those that could be mentioned as essentials would be quite extensive. But, if you just think about the fastest, craziest and most influential in terms of blasting speed, then the choice is simple: Wehrmacht and Cryptic Slaughter!

Albums like ‘Shark Attack’, ‘Biermacht’, ‘Convicted’ and ‘Money Talks’ stand as unbeatable milestones of rapid-fire furious thrash and speedcore driven by inhuman doses of proto blastbeats; a list of albums that would go on to inspire a whole generation of grind maniacs in the years that followed their release. Now try to imagine what it would be like to be to see these two forces united on the Obscene Extreme stage for a beer-fueled artillery of unstoppable fast thrashcore classics.

And the fact is: US thrash-hardcore legends Wehrmacht are coming to Obscene Extreme!

Wehrmacht have been confirmed for an exclusive headlining show with a very special set. The band will have among their ranks Mr. Scotty Peterson, founding drummer of Cryptic Slaughter who will be joining Wehrmacht to deliver some unforgettable anthems from both bands’ cult albums! So get ready to face the ‘United ShoeBrothers’, the masters of shark endorsed blastbeat friendly party thrash are set to blow you away!!!

Obscene Extreme Festival 2014
July 16 – 20, 2014
Trutnov – Battlefield Czech Republic

Confirmed Bands:
Possessed + Brutal Truth + Immolation + Cattle Decapitation + Cripple Bastards + Morgoth + Machetazo + Master + Doom + Nunslaughter + Filthy Charity + Katalepsy + Vitamin X + Vallenfyre + Warcollapse + Demonical + Beheaded + Abortion + Bolesno Grinje + Prophecy + Contrastic + Dark Horse + Gutslit + Jesus Crost + Kruger + Nuclear + Suffer The Pain + Ultimo Modo Cannibale + Zombie Inc. + Warfect + Kaliyuga + ACxDC + Bloodsoaked + Raw Power + EU’S Arse + Ed + Twisted Truth + Radiolokator + Idiot Ikon + Rectal Smegma + Besta + We Are The Damned + Final Exit + The Kill + Turbokrieg + Nazareno El Violento + Utanforskapet + Forenssick + Kadavarificker + many more!!!

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