Wednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead

Wednesday 13 - 'The Dixie Dead' Wednesday 13 are back with another helping of their distinctive blend of humour horror punk rock shenanigans in the form of ‘The Dixie Dead’, which was released on the 18th February 2013 via DevCo/Cargo.

The album starts with the tantalising ‘Death Arise Intro’ track before we are catapulted in to the foot stomping track ‘Blood Sucker’ that is filled with solid riffs and amusing lyrics, it’s a heavy start to the album, which brings us seamlessly into ‘Get Your Grave On’ which is a very Rob Zombie-esque style track both lyrically and musically. The album then continues onwards in similar style for the next two tracks, ‘Curse The Living’ and ‘Too Fast For Blood’.

‘Hail Ming’, with its pulsing beat and repetitive chanting lyrics will have you singing ‘Hail Ming’ long after you have finished listening to the track! ‘Coming Attractions’ is a narrative track done in the style of a movie trailer for the title track The Dixie Dead more rocky/sludge filled than the start of the album but retaining Wednesday 13 trademark style and sound.

‘Ghost Stories’ is the hard rock ‘ballad’ of the album it fits in perfectly before they up the tempo slightly and we’re dragged into the superb ‘Fuck You (In Memory of…)’ another track with great lyrics which are typical of Wednesday 13 also the track the majority of people can relate to ;) This song will be great live!

‘Carol Anne… They’re Here’ is another fun track that is lyrically based around horror movies. Bringing the album to a close are ‘Hands Of The Ripper’ the lyrics are based about a killer on the loose then we are lead out by  ‘Death Arise – Overture’ a perfect close to this album.

The Dixie Dead is packed full with compelling witty shock horror lyrics, chunky riffs, and foot stomping beats. Wednesday’s distinctive pulverant vocals sound fantastic and production is top-notch job as you can clearly hear all the guitars, bass lines, and drums, nothing is drowned out. The Dixie Dead is so quintessential of Wednesday 13; they do their own thing and never follow the latest musical trends.

Rating – 9/10

Wednesday 13 band 0Tracklisting:

Death Arise – Intro

Blood Sucker

Get Your Grave On

Curse The Living

Too Fast For Blood

Hail Ming

Coming Attractions

The Dixie Dead

Ghost Stories

Fuck You (In Memory of…)

Carol Anne… They’re Here

Hands Of The Ripper

Death Arise – Overture




Catch Wednesday 13 on tour in March 2013

Wed 6th Mar               BRIGHTON Concorde 2
Thu 7th Mar                BRISTOL Fleece
Fri 8th Mar                  MANCHESTER Club Academy
Sat 9th Mar                 NOTTINGHAM Rock City
Sun 10th Mar              GLASGOW Cathouse
Mon 11th Mar             NEWCASTLE Northumbria Uni
Tue 12th Mar              WOLVERHAMPTON Slade Rooms
Wed 13th Mar             LONDON Islington Academy

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