Weapon Interview.


Lara- Weapon have been going since the 80s, what can you tell us about the background of Weapon? Who is Weapon and what is Weapon about? 

Danny: Formed in March 1980 after Jeff posted an advert in Melody Maker looking for a singer at the same time Danny posted one looking for a band. After several weeks’ rehearsals and a couple of gigs we were offered a publishing deal with Virgin Records. However the company didn’t think the rhythm section was up to the job, and neither did I!  They were replaced by Brummie, Baz Downes (Bass) and, one of Scotland’s finest drummers, Bruce Bisland. After playing several shows we were spotted by Motorhead’s, Eddie Clarke, playing at The Venue, London. Eddie loved the band and put it to the rest of Motorhead and their management that we should support them on their forthcoming tour. A, hastily arranged, gig was set up at The Music Machine, Camden Town which was attended by Motorhead and their management after which Weapon were offered, and accepted, the support slot. So after being together for only 7 months, on the 22ndOctober 1980 at the Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich we began the journey of our life, opening for Motorhead on their  ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ tour. 32 dates around the U.K. ending 6 weeks later with 4 ‘sold out’ at the London’s famous Hammersmith Odeon. Awesome!


Lara- what musical background do each member brings to Weapon? And how does it create the overall Weapon sound?

Danny: We’ve all got years of live experience and that’s something you can’t get from a few appearances on a ‘reality’ TV show!

I can’t tell you what it is that creates the Weapon sound. But whatever it is, it seems to have worked in the past and is again with the new line up J


Lara- your last single was in 2011 ‘Ready for You’ are you working on new material at the moment and when can we look forward to it being released? 


Danny: We are currently finishing of the new album, which we hope to release towards to end of the year. And are in line for a support slot on a ‘major’ tour…Watch this space!


Lara- so you have just played at the British Steel Festival, what other festivals will you be making an appearance at and will there be a tour this year?  


Danny: We were in line for several European festivals but with no product ready we’ve decided to concentrate on finishing the album and, as mention previously, tour later in the year. However we will be doing a few ‘one off’ shows, including a couple of ‘double headliners’ with ‘Heavy Metal Kids’ in July, see our web site www.weaponrock.com for full details.


Lara- what are Weapon plans for the future?

Danny: As above, finish album, release album, tour, tour, and more touring…


Lara- For those that has never had the Weapon Experience How would you best describe your performance style? 

Danny: It’s a little hard for me to describe “the Weapon Experience” but what we try to do is write and play great rock songs with good hooks and chorus’s that our audience will remember and want to come back for more!


Lara- so you have had a little line up change since the 80s, how has it changed Weapon’s overall style?

Danny: I don’t think it’s changed the overall style, Ian & PJ have just added another dimension.


Lara- obviously a lot has changed in the metal scene how do you feel about the music industry today?

Danny: The industry today sucks!  The are very few individual ‘record companies’ most of them go under one umbrella and all they want are reality TV show ‘stars’ so it’s very hard for young, and old, bands to come through.  We’ve been offered several ‘silly’ deals where we would have to pay all recording costs, publicity material, artwork and then the ‘record company’ would release the album and give us a very, very small percentage. That’s not going to happen with this band.  If we don’t get a ‘decent’ deal then we’ll release it through our own label…


Lara- do you have any other projects that you do outside of Weapon?

Danny: I have my ‘other’ band, Paddy Goes To Holyhead, which has been going for the past 27 years!  The line-up over the years has included fellow Weapon members Jeff Summers & Bruce Bisland, Andy Scott & Mick Tucker (Sweet) Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep) John Binnie (Rogue Male) Current members are Chris & Tino Troy, Andy Burgess  (Praying Mantis) and new Weapon drummer, Ian Sweeting.

A host of rock stars have made guest appearances over the years, including members of Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Quireboys, Iron Maiden, Wolfsbane, Rainbow, to name but just a few. Full details on the web site: www.paddygoestoholyhead.com



Jeff Summers  ‘other’ band is The Loudshirts

Full details: http://www.myspace.com/loudshirtsband




PJ Phillips is well known session musician who’s played with just about everybody!

Details: http://www.pjphillipsonbass.com/777/home.html


And Ian Sweeting is a current member of Paddy Goes To Holyhead

Lara- Well thank you very much for your time with Planetmosh and we hope to be catching up again soon . 

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