WARFIST Announce New Album ‘Metal To The Bone’

Godz Ov War Productions are proud to announce the signing of Blackened Thrash metallers Warfist. Their forthcoming second album entitled ‘Metal to the Bone’ is the quintessence of archaic, raw and abhorrent metal inspired by the icons of Teutonic Thrash. Beware of further blasphemies this fall because with the nine new tracks Warfist will bring you half an hour of pure metal madness.

The album was recorded at Mosh Pit Studio, produced by Piotr Zubko, and mixed and mastered by Marcin Rybicki (Left Hand Sounds Studio).

Warfist are:
Mihu – vokills, chainsaw
Wrath – bulldozer
Pavulon – skullcrushing

Now listen to the first new track, ‘Written with Blood’, at SoundCloud:

More details about Warfist’s upcoming album will be revealed soon.
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