Walls Of Jericho Premiere Music Video For ‘Fight The Good Fight’

Walls of Jericho

WALLS OF JERICHO fans worldwide count on the unmatched aggression and integrity of Detroit`s daughter and sons – be it at their brutal live shows or on record!  Eight years after The American Dream, Candace Kucsulain and Co. have found new allies in Napalm Records and seem more relentless than ever: there`s no space for soft nuances! Maddening riffing, downbeats, and huge breakdowns proudly display the band`s historical vigor.

The band has premiered a new music video for the track “Fight The Good Fight” which you can see courtesy of Lambgoat HERE.

No One Can Save You From Yourself, is set for a March 25th release via Napalm Records.  Pre-order the album in physical formats HERE and digitally HERE.  Digital pre-orders come with instant grat track downloads of the songs “Relentless” and “Fight the Good Fight.”

Seemingly overnight, stylized bands playing strains of melodic hardcore have sailed up the pop charts. But for WALLS OF JERICHO things have played out a bit differently. During the scene’s ascension, the band’s members have all but shunned the idea of a genre tag or an “image” and have instead focused their energies on making music that will survive strictly on its musical merits.


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