Voodoo Sioux – Grotesque Familiares

Voodoo Sioux - Grotesque FamiliaresBack in the 90s Voodoo Sioux looked set for success.  They were touring with the likes of Little Angels and Terrorvision, were played on Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1, and signed to Bleeding Hearts/Music For Nations.  Clearly something went wrong as the band then went silent and only emerged from their extended hiatus after 12 years in 2009 since when they have supported Skin and Michael SChenker.  The band have been into the studio and recorded a new album – Grotesque Familiarities.

Brief comments on a few tracks…

The album kicks off with “Pillow talk” a very catchy melodic hard rock track which gets the album off to an excellent start.  Plenty of nice guitar work and some very good vocals plus a good solid rhythm section – this song has everything you need.

“Mister Smith or Jones” reminds me of The Wonderstuff – it’s got that same sort of alternative sound.  It’s another very good song.

“Mozart in reverse” is another excellent song – in fact the album is very good throughout.  There’s an Irish folk element mixed in with the rock here which works amazingly well.

This is a great album that’s definitely well worth checking out.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:

1. Pillow Talk
2. Mister Smith or Jones
3. Damage
4. Mozart in reverse
5. Indian Summer
6. Down
7. Is it soup yet
8. Exit
9. The only thing
10. Jasmine
11. Manic evangeline
12. Chase the voodoo

Voodoo Sioux are:

JB – Guitar
Mario Ermoyenous – Bass
Nick Flaherty – Vocals
Nigel Halford – Drums

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