Vomit Of Doom – ‘Obey The Darkness’

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Vomit Of Doom

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On 6 September 2015
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"...raw and fast, with little pretence about it."

Artwork for 'Obey The Darkness' by Vomit Of DoomSouth America seems to spew forth new black metal bands with more regularity than a good dose of Epsom Salts could induce.  The latest to come to PM’s attention are Argentinian crew Vomit Of Doom, about whom we know nothing more than the fact that this ten-track 27-minute opus was originally self-released on good old-fashioned cassette tape in their homeland, and has now been been picked up by the Russian Satanath label and re-issued on CD (with demo tracks appended to the end).  And, to be honest, any band that includes a song called ‘Metal Pussy Attack’ on an album is automatically going to attract this particular reviewer’s attention!

The South Americans seem to live and breathe darkened metal of the most putrid sort, and this is no exception.  Steeped in the lore of the first generation of BM bands – the vocals evince early Cronos –  it’s raw and fast, with little pretence about it.  The performances are competent, the songs are well thought out and constructed, and the production brings out all the elements well.  Nothing more you can ask really.  And really nothing else you can say either.

There are much better South American blackened thrash bands than Vomit Of Doom, and I am sure there are many much worse, so this makes this an interesting curio worth tracking down by diehard fans of the genre.


Haunting (Intro) / Perversecution / Conspiracy vs The World / Evoked Devastation / Maze Of Doom / Interlude / Obey The Darkness / Metal Pussy Attack / Kill The New Messiah / Satan’s Vengenance / Ultimatum (Outro) / Troops Of Desolation (demo) / Into The Perdition (demo)

Recommended listening:  Metal Pussy Attack

‘Obey The Darkness’ is out now and available from the Satanath Records website.

"...raw and fast, with little pretence about it."

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