Volture- On the Edge (High Roller)

VoltFinal15001Volture is the brainchild of bassist Ryan Waste (known for his work with Municipal Waste) and guitarist Nick Poulus (an ex-member of Cannabis Corpse). The band was formed in Richmond VA in November 2008. The band sound like a mixture of classic US metal with more of a leaning towards the European/NWOBHM scenes.  The bass playing is outstanding which is used more as a lead instrument as in the fine tradition of Iron Maiden. Opener and title track gets down to business with double bass and solid rhythm chugging along with flashes of bass runs, it all sounds straightforward until you scrape away at the surface and hear the intricacies of the interplay between the guitarists.  Vocalist Jack Bauer oozes the classic Eighties metal tradition: clean, melodic and soars to the sky when he needs to and doesn’t over use it. “Brethern of the Coast” takes the urgency and pace out for the first part of the song before taking off into the now familiar speedy pace of the rest of the album. At this stage we have he likes of Enforcer and White Wizzard on the world stage do we need another band in this style so soon? Answer is most definitely these guys whilst similar to above certainly have their own style.  Great production plenty of hooks, “Hot Wired” and “Deep Dweller” are two to watch out for which mix up a slower pounding metal style mixed with high speed gallops. Well worth the entrance fee.




On the Edge

Ride the Nite

Desert Pursuit

Brethren of the Coast

Hot Wired


Heat Seeker

Rock You Hard

Deep Dweller


Band Members

Jack Bauer –Vocals

Nick Poulos – lead/ rhythm guitar

Dave Boyd- rhythm guitar

Ryan Waste- Bass

Barry Cover- Drums




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