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Violet Redfern

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On 19 February 2024
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Violet Redfern releases 'In A Mess', her debut single, but this strong song is far from messy!

Violet Redfern, a new performer to me, enthralls with her debut single ‘In A Mess’, recorded, mixed and produced by her father, rock slide guitarist Troy Redfern, recently released via RED7 Records. She started playing drums with Troy at only three years old, spent pre-teen years writing and recording her own music, but stayed focused on drums. A brief break lead to her going to guitar, amassing an impressive collection of original songs.

‘In A Mess‘ was recorded at Troy’s parliament barn studios near her birthplace of Hay-On-Wye, Hereford.

Violet proclaims that the single is based on a story line of a broken, failed relationship, followed by an act of rebellion, reinforced by the musical style of the song, including lyrics of “Make my colours turn to grey, you make my passion go away”.

It opens up with a quirky, quivering vocal, so frail it could snap at any moment, but it’s rescued by a huge riff from Troy towards jarring chords. A bigger riff adds melody and muscle to meandering choruses, but those riffs are never too far away, ending the single on a more assuring vocal and a molten metal outro solo from Troy.

For Violet, it’s a very captivating start, and I look forward to hearing more of her work.

More info about Violet is here :- /

In A Mess” is written by Violet Redfern, recorded, mixed and produced by Troy Redfern.

Violet Redfern – Lead Vocals/Drums.

Troy Redfern – Guitar/Bass Guitar and Keyboards.

Violet Redfern releases 'In A Mess', her debut single, but this strong song is far from messy!

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