Vintage Trouble – 1 Hopeful Road

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Vintage Trouble

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On 12 August 2015
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Vintage Trouble make Motown infused rock guaranteed to get you up dancing or at the very least tapping your feet along to the beat! Likely to appeal to fans of artists like The Quireboys, Jimmy Hendrix, Ike and Tina Turner and The Beatles.

Los Angeles based blues rock band Vintage Trouble have just been out on tour as special guests to AC/DC see our review of the Dublin, Belfast and London shows here. They have also opened for other big names such as The Who and Paloma Faith. Their second album 1 Hopeful Rd. is due to be released via Blue Note Records on 14th August 2015 following an album release show in Los Angeles today. The album was produced by Don Was, President of Blue Note Records.

1 Hopeful Rd. gets off to a great start with the catchy Run Like The River which starts a bit like The Quireboys’ This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll and then merges into a cross between that and their song Troublemaker but I also picked up an unlikely comparison in that I caught elements of George Baker Selection’s Una Paloma Blanca. Throw all three songs into a whirlpool, swirl them around and Run Like The River flows out! A couple of mellower tracks follow From My Arms and Doin’ What You Were Doin’ some beautiful easy listening music which would be perfect for the last romantic dance at the school disco (not that anyone ever asked me to dance when I was stood there with a scowl on my face!).  Then the album goes up tempo again with Angel City California a song reminiscent of Ike and Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits meets The Beatles’ I Want To Hold Your Hand. Then we cool it down again with Shows What You Know another romantic song, think something along the lines of Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley.

Strike Your Light I remember from the Wembley show and at the time I described it as a cross between I’ve Got A Woman by Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix’s Fire, the same comparison applies to the album version. Before The Tear Drops a bluesy one which had me thinking of Guy Mitchell’s Singing The Blues. Another Baby a bit Satisfaction by Otis Redding with some added Led Zeppelin riffage. The album ends with the soulful Soul Serenity. A good mix of mellow, soulful songs interspersed with some more upbeat numbers. The latter, of which, will definitely have you wanting to tap your feet or dance to the beat! The best way to describe this album is Motown infused Rock. Vintage Trouble are causing trouble in the right places if they can get on as opening act for The Who and AC/DC. Keep your eye on these trouble makers!

Highlight Tracks: Strike Your Light and Run Like The River

Track Listing:

1. Run Like The River
2. From My Arms
3. Doin’ What You Were Doin’
4. Angel City, California
5. Shows What You Know
6. My Heart Won’t Fall Again
7. Another Man’s Words
8. Strike Your Light (Featuring Kamilah Marshall)
9. Before The Tear Drops
10. If You Loved Me
11. Another Baby
12. Soul Serenity

Band Members

Ty Taylor – Vocals
Nalle Colt – Guitar
Rick Barrio Dill – Bass
Richard Danielson – Drums





Vintage Trouble make Motown infused rock guaranteed to get you up dancing or at the very least tapping your feet along to the beat! Likely to appeal to fans of artists like The Quireboys, Jimmy Hendrix, Ike and Tina Turner and The Beatles.

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