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On 28 September 2018
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A huge intro to a potentially huge progressive outfit.

Pulling off a multi-vocal effort is easier said than done, coaxing each member to pick up the mic regardless of their similarities and differences. Bright young Brighton outfit Villainous somewhat effortlessly prove their range of vox make them stand out from the crowd through their eponymous debut EP.

Through the obnoxious energy of ‘In Solace’, rugged vocals and a definite Tool influence come second nature to the southerners. Wielding flawless fast-paced moments amid impressive noodling from guitarist Neil MacCallum, even on the opening track this band have earned their name.

The gorgeous acoustic opening of ‘Obsolete’ soon gives way to untamed swagger with the musical wisdom of a band twice their age. Their Mastodon-esque genre-hopping sounds effortless thanks to the efforts of MacCallum and bassist Nick Read, who bring their varied vocals to the table and add serious emotional depth.

EP closer ‘Ephemeral’ chugs its way from heaven to hell with a bluesy reflection that complements their progressive template. From guttural rage to an introspective contemplation, the depth these four gents produce in the studio led by frontman Sean Stakim would give Alice In Chains a run for their money.

For a debut EP, Villainous showcase their cohesive and well-crafted sound without exaggeration or over-production – here’s to a full-length with just as much passion.

‘Villainous EP’ is set for release on 10th October.

Track listing:

  1. In Solace
  2. Obsolete
  3. Ephemeral
A huge intro to a potentially huge progressive outfit.

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