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Vicious Nature

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On 7 August 2018
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Prepare yourselves for a force of nature!

Never mind nature calling, when Vicious Nature call you had better be ready for some over the top heavy metal, point proven by their current six track EP VII available on physical CD from the band or an unlimited streaming and high quality download options from Confidential Records.

The fearsome four ease in slowly with the aptly titled ‘(The Calm)Before The Storm’ instrumental as it’s bullied aside for ‘Rise Up’. Body blow drum assaults along with riffs so dark they could block out the sun are the backing for the Hellishly howled vocals from Andy Pyke. Strong choruses add a touch of melody to the storm that’s whipped up. It’s welcome to hear this genre of music performed with clean vocals as to these ears it gives it more of a cutting edge as the marching drum patterns and riffing make ‘When The Devil Calls’ a sure fire pit opener.

‘Twisted Psychotic’ is a touch more laid back in the verses but vitriol is poured into the no holds barred choruses. ‘The Silence That Kills’ rages along asking the question that if silence does kill, Vicious Nature intend to keep us alive with four minutes of visceral metal. Final track is a live one as the crowd pleasing “Woah oh oh’s” that open ‘System Of Disorder’ are hollered back to them by a loud audience. Bolstered by bludgeoning riffing, they take a breather for guitarist Andrew Southwell to unleash a blistering solo midway.

Vicious Nature - VII
Vicious Nature – VII

VII EP track listing :-

(The Calm)Before The Storm (instrumental).

Rise Up.

When The Devil Calls.

Twisted Psychotic.

The Silence That Kills.

System Of Disorder (live).


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Prepare yourselves for a force of nature!

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