Various Artists Black Waves of Adrenochrome – The Sisters of Mercy Tribute

Various Artists Black Waves of Adrenochrome – ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ Tribute released 25 June 21 via Metalville.

An extraordinary tribute to one of the greatest bands of gothic rock.

With albums like First And Last And Always and songs like “Temple Of Love” and “This Corrosion,” THE SISTERS OF MERCY celebrated worldwide chart success. Until today, the band’s hits enjoy absolute cult status, and not only within the gothic/wave scene.

This tribute sampler contains rare and sought-after versions of some of the best-known SISTERS classics in a new guise, recorded by a squad of absolute cult bands from the metal and gothic scenes.

Black Waves of Adrenochrome

NORTH AMERICAN tracklisting
1. Frown – Heartland
2. Atrocity – More
3. Paradise Lost – Walk Away
4. Cradle Of Filth – No Time To Cry
5. Deadlock – Temple Of Love
6. Nevergreen – More
7. Maryslim feat. Jyrki69 – This Corrosion
8. Daeonia – Alice
9. Kreator – Lucretia My Reflection
10. Cadaverous Condition & Kara Cephe – Floorshow
11. Dan Swanö – Lucretia My Reflection
12. Dreadful Shadows – 1959
13. Crematory – Temple of Love
14. Columbia Obstruction Box – Marian    


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