Vader and Immolation confirmed for Bristol Deathfest

Bristol Deathfest 2017
Bristol Deathfest 2017

Vader & Immolation will now be co-headlining Bristol Deathfest on Saturday night whilst Hour of
Penance and Defeated Sanity will co-headline Sunday night of the festival.

After releasing their eleventh brand new studio album ‘The Empire’ through Nuclear Blast, Vader confirm they will be co-headlining the first night of Bristol Deathfest alongside American titans, Immolation
Original Saturday headliners, Defeated Sanity will now co-headline Sunday night together with Hour of Penance. British lads, Ancient Ascendant have also been added and Dutch outfit, Abrupt Demise will make their first ever UK appearance at Bristol Deathfest.

These latest additions have secured Bristol Deathfest as one of the “must attend” events for any fan of death
metal in the UK next year. Almost every band performing has released a new album in 2016 or will have
new releases ready in 2017.

Bristol Deathfest is the only place to see the following bands in the UK next year.
Hour of Penance
Defeated Sanity
Nader Sadek
Abrupt Demise

Defeated Sanity will be performing the ‘Disposal of the Dead’ EP in it’s entirety before Hour of Penance perform songs from their upcoming album ‘Cast the First Stone’ and close the festival.
Nader Sadek will be performing a special exclusive show at Bristol Deathfest which will feature Derek Roddy
(ex-Hate Eternal/Nile, Serpents Rise), Destructhor (Myrkskog, ex-Morbid Angel/Zyklon), George Maier
(Pestilence), Sarah Jezebel Deva (ex-Cradle of Filth/Therion) and Mahmud Gecekusu (Perversion).

Full line-up:
Vader (Poland)
Immolation (USA)
Hour of Penance (Italy) *
Defeated Sanity (Germany/USA) *
Nader Sadek (Egypt/USA/Norway/Germany/UK/UAE) */**
Dyscarnate (UK)
Kraanium (Norway/UK/Russia) *
Cytotoxin (Germany) *
Man Must Die (UK)
Epicardiectomy (Czech Republic) *
Ancient Ascendant (UK)
Necrosis (UK)
Scordatura (UK)
Abrupt Demise (Netherlands) */**
Body Harvest (UK)
Ascaris (UK)
* = Only UK appearance of 2017
** = Debut UK appearance
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