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On 11 June 2014
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A taste of what's to come from the second album plus some live tracks

Unisonic - For the kingdom EPIt’s two years since Unisonic emerged, with a debut EP and album.  The band hit the headlines for reuniting two legends of German rock/metal – Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske, reunited 23 years after they formed part of Helloween.  Now the band are back with a new EP ahead of the release of their second album later this year.
As well as featuring Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, the band features Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Mandy Meyer (Krokus, ex Asia, ex Gotthard) and Kosta Zafirou (ex Pink Cream 69), so it’s a band whose members all have impressive track records.  With Kai Hansen in partiicular being busy with his other band (Gamma Ray) then Unisonic have been fairly quiet over the last year or so, but now they’re back.

The new EP consists of a single song from the forthcoming album – the title track,  “For the Kingdom”.  Alongside this there is a second new song (You come undone), and this song only appears on the EP not the album.  Then there are also four live songs

So, how does the new material sound?  Well that’s easy to answer – it sounds great.  You don’t need to take my word for it though – the band have released a lyric video for the song “For the Kingdom”, so you can watch it below and hear for yourself what it’s like.

The second new song, “You come undone” also sounds great.  The live songs are all going to be familiar to Unisonic fans, and since the band hasn’t toured much then it’s probably the first chance for many fans, including those from the UK, to hear how the band sound live.

So, is it worth getting?  Well I certainly think so.  OK the title track is on youtube to watch the video for, but with six tracks in total (2 new, 4 live) then it’s good value and will help make the wait for the second album go a bit quicker.

“For the Kingdom” is out now.

Track listing:

1. For the kingdom
2. You come undone
3. Unisonic (live)
4. Never too late (live)
5. Star rider (live)
6. Souls alive (live)

A taste of what's to come from the second album plus some live tracks

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