U.D.O Live In Sofia (2CD/DVD) [Box set]

Udo Dirkschneider, the legendary founder and front man of Accept, and now singer with U.D.O releases a live dvd filmed in Sofia, the package also contains the concert on two cd’s.
This package is a must buy for any metal fan as UDO is in top form here, the band is tight and rocks with a real purpose and vengeance. Live in Sofia adds to the legacy of Udo, this well-chosen, 23-track playlist working as a c.v of the veteran singer’s long career, the choice of songs running through the Accept classics and U.D.O.’s most potent material. Udo means business with every song he sings, he stalks the stage like a prize fighter eyeing up his next opponent, before delivering those trademark spine-tingling screams and animalistic growls.
As you would expect, the concert is filmed in beautifull HD quality with some great camera angels, and the sound mix is also first class, giving a real depth to the sound.
The only downside to this release is the 11 minute guitar solo, it is way too boring, and way to long, however you have to respect Igor Gianola for at least trying something different, as UDO takes a break, he’s pushing 60 so he needs one. So use this time to go and get another cold beer, before U.D.O finally breaks cover to launch into part two of the set with a blistering version of Neon Nights .
At over two hours long, the concert is a remarkable ‘homage’ to the enigma that is U.DO.
Highly recommended 9/10

Track listing
01. Rev-Raptor
01. Dominator
02. Thunderball
03. Leatherhead
04. Independence Day
05. Screaming For A Love-Bite
06. Heart Of Gold
07. Vendetta
08. Princess Of The Dawn
09. I Give As Good As I Get
10. Kokopelli (Guitar Solo)
11. 12. Neon Nights Break The Rules
12. Man And Machine
13. Drum Solo
14. Living On A Frontline
15. Up To The Limit
16. Two Faced Woman
17. Metal Heart
18. The Bogeyman
19. I’m A Rebel
20. Balls To The Wall
21. Burning

CD 1:
01. Rev-Raptor
02. Dominator
03. Thunderball
04. Leatherhead
05. Independence Day
06. Screaming For A Love-Bite
07. Heart Of Gold
08. Vendettaudodvd
09. Princess Of The Dawn
10. I Give As Good As I Get
11. Kokopelli (Guitar Solo)

CD 2:
01. Neon Nights
02. Break The Rules
03. Man And Machine
04. Drum Solo
05. Living On A Frontline
06. Up To The Limit
07. Two Faced Woman
08. Metal Heart
09. The Bogeyman
10. I’m A Rebel
11. Balls To The Wall
12. Burning

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