Two Tales Of Woe – Interview with Carl King – October 2015

Carl King – Two Tales Of Woe

Irish outfit, Two Tales Of Woe are back and sounding better than ever. PlanetMosh called over to lead singer Carl King‘s house on an Autumn afternoon a few weeks back for a cup of coffee and a few words about the band’s current plans.

Hey Carl. Thanks for taking the time to talk to PlanetMosh. Two Tales Of Woe are back with a new line up. What inspired you to reawaken the beast?

Hey thanks for your time, well three of us (myself, Dan and Dave) had been trying to get a project going with Jake and Sean from Snowblind. I mean it sounded great but it wasn’t what we wanted really, we still wanted TTOW. So the three of us got in touch with Kelvin (drummer) and we decided to bring the beast back.

There’s been a pretty sizeable shake up in the musicians involved. Who is on board for the part of the TTOW voyage and what influenced your decision to work with them?

Well if anyone is familiar with our past we have had a LOT of amazing musicians through our doors and there was one slot we needed to fill which was the biggest slot we thought we would never have to fill, (Lar, guitar) and as such I needed a real talent and all round good person to fill that void. So I contacted Justin Moloney (ex-Acrid Nebula) and got him out of retirement ha ha!

It’s been 6 years now since your début ‘A Conversation With Death’. Has the new line up begun writing new material and when can we expect to see a release?

Yes it’s been way too long for some new material, unfortunately our planned second album had to be shelved due to musical differences but we plan on hopefully releasing an ep in the new year.

Two Tales Of Woe – Live at On The Rox 2015

The return to the stage was at the Corrosion Of Conformity gig in The Academy. You sounded immense on the stage (considering it was your first show back). How did it come about and how was the day for you?

Wow thank you, well I got in touch with the right people who knew what we were about and what we could bring to that particular table…and everybody seemed happy with the result!

If you could sit down and write a song with any musician. Who would you pick and why?
What do you think the song would be called?

Hmm….that’s a toughie. I have a few influences…Henry Rollins, Jim Morrison and even Kirk Windstein and Wino, I’d probably love to write a song with Kirk and Wino….call it ‘Forever Mountain’.

You recently played at Dublin’s newest live music venue, On The Rox with the Black Svan guys supporting. Irish metal is in a rich vein of health right now. What bands, in your opinion, should be on the radar of the metal community?

Yeah great little venue with a great sound, Peter (Rees) really has his finger on the pulse of Irish metal with this venue and it’s gonna just get better. Bands to keep an eye out for are Snowblind, Fuckhammer, Black Svan, Electric Taurus, Red Enemy, By Any Means, Sinocence, Dead Label, Weed Priest, Psykosis there are so so many. We are spoilt for choice right now and people need to go to local gigs and support the local scene

Can you give us links for music, merch and more?

We currently have just our facebook page we will be getting a full website in the near future tales ofwoe1 (free album download)
And there are loads of videos of us on youtube

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