Twisted Sister’s last ever UK show at Bloodstock – The Ultimate Setlist

The clock is ticking. It’s the final countdown to the biggest gig of the year. Twisted Sister will play their final UK show on the hallowed turf of Catton Hall at this year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival. With a powerful plethora of pulsating anthems in their arsenal, how the hell are Dee and the boys going to fit everything into their set?

At PlanetMosh we had a brainstorming session to pick our top Twisted Sister cuts that we would love to hear belted from the stage as the sun sets at Bloodstock in August.  Click play on our Spotify playlist and get ready for the gig of the decade. History is going to be made…. Dare you miss it? Come out and play one final time!!!!!


Bloodstock Open Air takes place from 11th-14th August. Buy tickets here


Twisted Sister – The Ultimate Setlist for Bloodstock 2016

  1. What you don’t know (Sure can hurt you)the greatest show opener ever
  2. Shoot ’em downwith a fuckin gun!!
  3. Destroyerone of the heaviest Twisted songs ever
  4. Ride to live, live to ridefor the true bikers
  5. Bad boys (of rock and roll)get the disco sucks banner out one more time
  6. Like a knife in the backthat riff….
  7. You’re not alone (Suzette’s song)Suzette has been part of the TS story from the start
  8. The kids are backfor the last time :(
  9. You can’t stop rock ‘n’ rolleven after this show, the music will live on
  10. I am (I’m me)fist pumping affirmation
  11. I believe in rock ‘n’ rollwe do too
  12. The pricepriceless
  13. The fire still burnsand always will
  14. I’ll never grow up, now!if you won’t, why should we? \m/
  15. Under the bladeYOU’RE GOIN’ DOWN, DOWN, DOWN,
  16. Me and the boysmaking big noises
  17. Burn in hellget the red light ready, Dee is gonna bring us to hell
  18. Tear it looseOpen up the pit
  19. Be chrool to your scuelDEE! Please call Alice Cooper and make a special guest appearance happen!!
  20. We’re not gonna take itwe will be singing this for a month after the show
  21. Come out and playthe ultimate encore opener..
  22. I wanna rockthe whole arena will
  23. Wake up (The sleeping giant)one last time
  24. SMFThe Sick Mother Fuckers will raise their voices in unison one final time

Of course, this is what we would love to hear. What did we forget? Let us know in the comments.

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