Turbogeist interview, Liverpool Academy 2. 18th December 2012.

Planetmosh catches up with the guys from Turbogeist and grab’s a quick chat before they open up for Cancerbats at Liverpools Academy 2 on the 18th December 2012.
Turbogeist have played three northern dates of the Cancer Bats tour. They have a new EP ‘Ancient Secrets’ primed for release on March 11th 2013. And will be embarking on a full UK tour with Pure Love (Frank Carter – ex Gallows and Jim Carroll – ex hope conspiracy) in April.
Turbogeist are:
Jimmy – vocals/guitar
Luis – vocals/guitar
Josh – drums
James – bass
PlanetMosh: Hi guys, how’s the tour going?
LUIS: The ‘bats booked these dates on their days off from the Enter Shikari tour they were on, we met them out at the South by Southwest festival back in March last year, they really liked our stuff, so here we are.
They are really nice guys as well, so that helps, we seem to have an affinity with Canadians lol

PM. You have an EP coming out in March, what can you tell me about it ?
JAMES: Its our first proper EP, though we have recorded the album, it still needs a few tweaks here and there, the EP is ready, so we thought we would release that. We have moved on so much since we started recording the album that we want to revisit a couple of the tracks. It has to right.
LUIS: We are looking for a summer release, we have a couple of things to do before the album launch, we have a couple of dates coming up with Frank Carter and Pure Love, then we are off to the states to play a few festivals including the Ink and Iron festival with Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Then we play South by Southwest again, so its looking good.
PM. How hard is it to be an opening band ?
JAMES: Its quite hard, it has its ups and downs, sometimes we play with rock bands and we are way too heavy for them, and their fans, and sometimes we play with really metal/hardcore bands, and we are not heavy enough, so it’s a bit tough sometimes. Most support bands are not given a chance by the crowd, but sometimes it does works, and that makes it all the more worth while.
The trouble is they may not know the songs and so are just standing there watching you, but then after the show they come up to you and are like ‘I really enjoyed your show’ so you really have to be an optimist to be a support band, if you’re a pessimist, then your fucked lol. So we go out and play the best we can and have fun, and the hope the audience like us.
LUIS: We have had some terrible nights ourselves though, we went to Munich in Germany to support Fu Manchu who are a wicked band, however every single person who walked through the door had a Fu Manchu t-shirt , it was the 25th anniversary of ‘The Action is Go’ record which they played in its Entirety. It wasn’t a good night for us lol.
PM. What music do you listen to ?
LUIS. Well we all have an mp3 player with a shuffle button, so we listen to everything, Electro is becoming massive again, the Cancer bats are currently supporting Enter Shikari and there like a Dub-Step band, yet still appeal to the rock fan, and there’s Alt-J, they have just won the Mercury award.
JIMMY: We like the way bands are mixing it up on tour, Cancer bats sound like one half of Enter Shikari with the other support band sound like the other half, so together it works, we like that. What we don’t like is shit carbon copies on tour, I mean who would want to watch Airbourne supporting Ac/Dc, that to us is shit.
LUIS/JAMES: When the album is released we will be doing a Headlining tour, probably in some smaller venues, we must do Glasgow though, they are mental up there, well up for it, we’ve have had some great times in King Tuts. Liverpool is also great, we get a good crowd here.

PM. Talking of which, its nearly your stage time, so thanks for taking time out, have a great show and I can’t wait to hear the album.
Interview by David Farell

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