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tucana - tucanaTucana have their roots in the late 1980’s when the band first formed.  They split in 1992 but in 2008 reformed and started work on writing an album.  The writing and recording was delayed by various injuries, but in spring 2012 the album was recorded and sent to be mixed.  Now the album is finished and has been recently released.  The band describe their music as     Baroque progressive metal.

Listening to the album, it reminds me quite strongly of Trans Siberian Orchestra – the vocals are very similar both in style and the voice, and the music has that feel of being a blend of rock and classical.  Like Trans Siberian Orchestra it’s extremely listenable.  The orchestrations give it a rich majestic feel, and the guitars add some nice heavy riffs.

While much of the album has that Trans Siberian Orchestra sound, there are tracks that have a different feel – “Power of man” has vocals that sound more like Iron Maiden, with music that is Prog meets classical.    It’s a superb album that has been played quite a few times over the last few days – it’s one of those albums that you can listen to again and again.

An excellent album that I’d definitely recommend for fans of Trans Siberian Orchestra

‘Tucana’ is out now

Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. The signs
2. Rescue me
3. The needle of ended days
4. A dream within a dream
5. Stranded illusions
6. Redemption
7. Power of man
8. Seven
9. At the gates of war
10. Like dust

Tucana are:

Niklas Birgersson – Vocals
Mikael Larsson – Guitar
Johnny Rosengren – Bass
Jari Katila – Drums
Jonas Nitz – Keyboards

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