TRUCKER DIABLO new single ‘We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas’

TRUCKER DIABLO release their new video for their Christmas single ‘We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas‘, out now!

Check out the video here:

Trucker Diablo – We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas

“Normally we get a chance to get out on the road and play this for you but this year we can’t……so we’ve made you a new video to go with it!
Have a peaceful safe Christmas and we’ll see you on the road in ’22
We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas


Their album ‘Tail End Of A Hurricane’ was released earlier this year and you can order it here:

This album takes a few diversions on the main road that the Big Truck normally drives on, the almost punk attitude and feel to ‘Insects’ with its social commentary on how we’re all just worker insects feeding everything to the corporate machine for them to steal our being. Closing track ‘Bury The Ocean’ was the last song written for the album, and its crushing guitar and build to an epic ending is a fitting reminder that while times are tough now, we will get out the other side of this situation!

The one thing you do expect from Trucker is big riffs, big choruses and big performances, and this album doesn’t disappoint, from the sing-along Rock Kids of the 80s, the energy of Insects, the short sharp punch of ‘Slow Dance’ or the laid back tale, ‘Woodstock to Vietnam‘, where 2 friends In the hippy movement of the 60s choose different pathways for their life, you’ll know you’ve opened your front door to see the Big Truck parked up outside, engine running, exhaust fumes pumping out the pipe, door laying open invitingly……….

Tom Harte – Vocals, Guitar
Simon Haddock – Guitar BV
Jim McGurck – Bass BV
Terry Crawford – Drums

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