TROY REDFERN – Gasoline – single review

There’s nothing standing in the way of the feel-good smasher ‘Gasoline’, the second single released by Troy Redfern from his upcoming album Wings Of Salvation.

Dubbed ‘The slide guitar King’ Troy delivers his electric boogie with a harder edge, and the good vibes are rambunctious with its off-beat style. ‘Gasoline’ puts the plan into action, as Troy tells us the ‘good times are here to stay’. The rhythm middle section is filled with catchy blues slide guitar and throughout the single reverberates a nice warm southern-blues feeling.

Joining Troy are Dave Marks on bass guitar and Paul Stewart (The Feeling) on drums.

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Featuring ten infectious slide guitar savvy tracks, The Wings of Salvation album is released Friday, September 23rd.

The album is available to pre-order from

Troy says “With Gasoline, I wanted to write a positive, uplifting, good-time rock ’n’ roll tune,” says Troy. “Right now, we’re bombarded with a lot of negative news in the media. Lyrically, I wanted to put something out there that was the opposite to that. The groove of this tune is in 7/8, which isn’t a typical rock ’n’ roll rhythm, but I really love the flow and feel of riffing in this time signature, especially playing slide using the National resonator in a low tuning. The combination sounds huge.”

Produced by Dave Marks (Hans Zimmer) at the UK’s Dulcitone Studios, The Wings of Salvation is an exciting new chapter in Redfern’s trajectory, not only as a slide guitarist but as a creative force in the recording studio.

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