Tribulation – Children of the Night (Century Media)

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On 22 May 2015
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A diverse record that overs a wide range of genres without fitting perfectly into any.

Tribulation – Children Of The Night

It is rare that an album comes along that sits outside the defined genres and makes you really sit up and listen. Tribulation formed in 2004 and this is their third full length release and it defies all laws of pigeon holing into one genre or another. Sweden after all these years still appears to be a hotbed of talent and forward thinking musicians. Complicated is not always the way forward and Tribulation prove this with actual songs which fit together, they have hooks, melody lines that are simply downright memorable. By the second run through this record it has already become an old friend and reminds me in parts of In Solitude’s “Sister” record. Do not go getting the impression this is some kind of easy listening mainstream record, it is far from it however it takes some of that sensibility and blends it with the black and death metal influences from earlier records. “Melancholia” has a goth feel to it with an infectious guitar hook which is powered along by the bass and drums with the rasps of Johannes Andersson seething over the top. Throughout the record the influences are wide and varied, I hear Hawkwind, Entombed, Dismember even the Doors, it is not a case of throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, there has been deep thought put into these structures to present a cohesive atmosphere throughout the record. “Strains of Horror” is a stand out that has a creepy atmosphere using keys effectively with a clean cut guitar offset by a great cacophony of distorted guitars. During the mid section the keys turn and give a sense of hope before the guitars come back in with a solo that is oozing David Gilmour class and transforms the song into an epic rock track and is reminiscent of Aerosmith’s classic “Dream On”. A final twist brings back in the hateful rasps of Johannes which takes it to a final conclusion. There is something for everyone in this album, if this doesn’t end up in the top 10 albums of the year I would be very surprised.


1. Strange Gateways Beckon
2. Melancholia
3. In the Dreams of the Dead
4. Winds
5. Själaflykt
6. The Motherhood of God
7. Strains of Horror
8. Holy Libations
9. Cauda Pavonis
10. Music from the Other


Johannes Andersson – Bass, Vocals
Jakob Ljungberg – Drums, Percussion
Jonathan Hultén – Guitars,
Adam Zaars – Guitars, Vibraphone, Xylophone

A diverse record that overs a wide range of genres without fitting perfectly into any.

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