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On 30 March 2015
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10 prime cuts of vintage NWOBHM raised from the vaults by Trespass.

Artwork for 'Trespass' by TrespassThe resurgence of NWOBHM has resulted in bands who fell by the wayside back in the day to give it another go and the latest welcome addition is Suffolk based Trespass . This new release consists of 10 re-recorded tracks originally written between 1979-1982. They never got to release an album then, just a debut single ‘One Of These Days’ on Trial Records. It was hailed as a classic in the music press and 2000 copies sold out quickly. Trespass also featured on a NWOBHM compilation called Metal For Muthas. They featured on Volume II, submitting ‘Stormchild’ and ‘One Of These Days’. A Friday Rock Show session version of  ‘One Of These Days’ was also included on a double NWOBHM CD titled NWOBHM 1979 Revisited compiled by Lars Ulrich.

This new album was recorded with 3 original members Mark Sutcliffe on vocals/guitar, Paul Sutcliffe on drums and Dave Crawte on guitars. Bass duties were handled by Ed Neal who, at only 17 gives a solid performance, laying down some thundering Steve Harris like grooves. A lot of the songs have a Thin Lizzy vibe due to some intense twin guitar work, most notably on ‘Ace Of Spades’, ‘Eight Till Five’ and ‘Bloody Moon’ which heavily draws on ‘Waiting For An Alibi’. Album highlights for me are opener ‘Stormchild’, it’s shimmering main riff is played for just over the minute mark as the rest of the band take it on. The spacey vocals give it a Hawkwind feel with a blistering but melodic guitar solo preceding a climactic ending of outro solos. ‘Assassin’ has meandering riffs running between the vocals  and a trippy breakdown midway builds back into the huge main riff leading into a riff heavy climax.

Of course ‘One Of These Days’ had to be included and this new version brings back a lot of memories. The teasing intro riff is the taster to a timeless slice of heavy melodic rock. ‘Live It Up’ is a mixture of melody and muscle with some air guitar heaven histrionics bringing to mind classic UFO. ‘Jealousy’ is the heaviest track here with another UFO vibe coming over like a faster ‘Only You Can Rock Me’. Ed Neal gets the chance to show his prowess on ‘The Duel’, propelling the song along with some galloping bass lines amongst the meaty riffs and piercing solos.

Album closer and personal favourite is ‘Lightsmith’. A song of 2 halves that opens with a lone acoustic guitar backing an almost whispered vocal as it morphs into ballsy riffs and face melting guitar solos. A fine way to end these collection of songs. It can be bought for £13 from the band at

Trespass chose to return to the live setting in 2015 as Vardis did in 2014 by appearing at the prestigious Brofest Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne. By all accounts the triple guitar line up had the crowd in their hands from opener ‘The Duel’ and more live dates and new material are planned for 2015.


Trespass band line up :-

Mark Sutcliffe – Vocals/guitar.

Paul Sutcliffe – Drums.

Dave Crawte – Guitars.

Ed Neal – Bass guitar.


Album track listing :-



Ace Of Spades.

Eight Till Five.

Bloody Moon.

One Of These Days.

Live It Up.


The Duel.






10 prime cuts of vintage NWOBHM raised from the vaults by Trespass.

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