TOXOVIBORA Recording New Album (Video Studio Report)


Groove/Thrash Metal combo from Albacete (Spain) Toxovibora are now immersed in the recording process of their new and second LP (no title yet).


In the words of the band:

“This second album is for us an advance in technique and a very important creative leap which translates into more powerful themes, getting deeper in the personal sound of Toxovibora. We’re very happy with the result. It’s going to be a very varied album, including some surprises. In general, harder tracks with some head smashing riffs …But there is a lot of melody with our sharp critical lyrics”.

Toxovibora recorded at La Guarida de Kreggor and the album has been mixed and mastered by Pablo Alcázar from Overwrite producciones.

These experimented thrashers already surprised us with their debut “Primer Ataque”; and this time they return with an edgier and more aggressive sound than ever. Get ready for the second bite of the serpent!

More news soon about this upcoming release!!!


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