TORMENTED- Rotten death

Release date : 18/07/2011

1. Rotten Death
2. Vengeance from Beyond the Grave
3. Blood of the Undead
4. Burning Torment
5. Death Owns the Night
6. Come Back from the Dead
7. Drowning in Decaying Flesh
8. Tomb of Corpses

9. Reversed Funeral

“Tormented started playing in 2008 with no other intention than creating Death Metal that we ourselves wanted to hear. Although Tormented may sound oldschool it is not deliberately so, this is Death Metal to us! One of the reasons for us sounding this way is that some of us have been there since the very beginning playing in bands such as: Darkified, Edge of Sanity, Marduk, Pan-Thy-Monium to name a few, but the main reason is that we enjoy what we do… Rotten Death Metal!!!”