Tommy Bolin ‘Teaser’ 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set

Tommy Bolin

UDR Music celebrates the 40th anniversary of guitar god TOMMY BOLIN’s classic solo album Teaser with a deluxe triple-vinyl set – the TEASER 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set!

TOMMY BOLIN – recognized for his work with groups such as Zephyr, The James Gang, and Deep Purple – was a bright, young American guitar god who created a whirlwind with his loud, stylish, free-form fusion performances before his untimely death at the age of 25 in 1976. Released in 1975 during his time with Deep Purple, Teaser was the solo masterpiece and eventual cult-classic that Bolin never got the chance to properly promote.

Now, 40 years after the album was originally released and unfortunately buried with time, Teaser is finally getting its time to shine.

On May 19, 2015, UDR Music will release the official TEASER 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set, a three-album deluxe vinyl box-set supplemented with two live CDs, celebrating the 40th anniversary of this legendary release. Featuring long-lost outtakes and alternative mixes from the original Teaser studio sessions, plus two live CDs comprising performances from Ebbets Field, The Northern Lights, My Father’s Place and Albany, the TEASER 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set is set to satiate the appetites of Bolin fans worldwide.


Track list LP’s:

LP 1 – side A:

1.      Teaser

2.      Flying Fingers

LP 1 – side B:

3.      Wild Dogs

4.      Cookoo

LP 2 – side C:

5.      Chameleon

6.      Lotus

LP 2 – side D:

7.      The Grind

8.      Crazed Fandango

LP 3 – side F:

9.      People People

10.   Smooth Fandango

11.   Marching Powder

LP 3 – side E:

12.   Homeward Strut

13.   Dreamer

14.   Savanah Woman

15.   Oriental Sky


Track List Live CD’s:

CD 1:

1.     Teaser – My Father’s Place

2.     People People – My Father’s Place

3.     The Grind – My Father’s Place

4.     Wild Dogs – Live at The Northern Lights

5.     You Told Me That You Loved Me – Live in Albany

6.     Stratus – Live at Ebbets Field

7.     Post Toastee – Line in Albany

8.     Hoka-Hay – Energy KBPI Broadcast

9.     Homeward Strut – Live at Ebbets Field

CD 2:

10.  Shake The Devil – Live at The Northern Lights

11.  Marching Powder – My Father’s Place

12.  Lotus – My Father’s Place

13.  Homeward Strut – Live at The Northern Lights

14.  You Know, You Know – Live at Ebbets Field

15.  Crazed Fandango – Live at Ebbets Field

16.  Post Toastee – Live at The Northern Lights

17. Walk In My Shadow – Live at Ebbets Field


TOMMY BOLIN was a shooting star, a fiercely bright, ferociously driven and a guitarist whose soul spoke through his fingers and fretboard. Bolin was an American axeman of the caliber rarely seen or heard before (or since) his untimely death at the age of 25 on December 4th 1976. Bolin allowed the power of funk and the fury of rock to find such finite expression through his inspiration. His expression never sounded more fluent than on his 1975 solo album debut Teaser. The album embraced a tour de force of styles from jazz to hard rock to Latin music, all of which were expressed in a glorious musical stew.

At the age of 17, Bolin formed Zephyr, whose blues rock was coated in psychedelic tendencies. Despite opening for the likes of Led Zeppelin and growing a strong fan-base, Bolin left the group in 1971 to form Energy (a jazz-rock project) before Joe Walsh recommended him to The James Gang, where he recorded the Bang! and Miami albums in 1973 and ’74 respectively. Bolin also appeared on legendary drummer Billy Cobham’s Spectrum solo album, and his ability to enjoy (and make the grade with!) such improvisational jamming style sounds left Bolin as that rare bird. A man who could be a rock star or a man who could be a musician’s musician at cafes across America.

Bolin moved to LA seeking confirmation of the stardom his enormous talents promised, and the foundations for the legendary Teaser album were laid. Featuring session musicians such as Glenn Hughes, David Sanborn, Jan Hammer, Stanley Sheldon and Phil Collins, Teaser represents the fulcrum point of Tommy’s solo-artist work. As he completed work on it, Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore quit the band, and Bolin was invited to join Purple by singer David Coverdale. Come Taste The Band came out towards the end of 1975, before Purple disbanded and left Bolin free to do his second album Private Eyes. Opening for Peter Frampton and Jeff Beck, Bolin was just starting to enjoy the sort of attention and recognition that would surly have seen him rise to the next level of revered guitar God. Sadly, Bolin’s addiction issues would not allow it, and in 1976, he died at the tragically young age of 25.

Bolin’s legacy is superbly reflected in TEASER 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set – get your copy while they last!


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