Tigertailz – Knives

tigertailz - knivesThis is the first release from Tigertailz since a turbulent period in the bands history.  Ace Finchum rejoined the band on drums and within two years was gone, Sarah Firebrand left the band, and then Kim Hooker left the band last year.  Kim Hooker was lead singer for all but the first four years of the band’s career, so his loss is the one that shocked fans, given how key a singer is to the sound of a band.  He has been replaced by Jules Millis on vocals and Matthew Blakout has re-joined on drums.  Rob Wylde has switched from rhythm guitar to bass, and the band is currently operating as a 4-piece rather than their usual 5-piece band.

Given that it’s been six years since Tigertailz released any new material then it’s disappointing that they’ve only managed a five track EP rather than a full album, but fans will just be glad that they’ve finally released something.

For much of the EP the backing vocals are quite prominent – it’s not really fair to call them backing vocals, as it’s more a case of several members of the band singing together.  That’s typical Tigertailz and works well giving the songs a bigger louder feel, but when they arent being used then the lead vocals are clear to hear – and I have to say I’m really not a fan of them.  It’s a shame as it’s a great EP – I just don’t like the vocals.

Of the five tracks, “Shoe collector” is going to be the first song to have a video released, but for me, the best track here is “Bite the hand” – it’s got a heavier feel and more of an attitude than the other tracks.

There’s a nice little touch at one point in “Shoe collector” with a very short bit of them covering ACDC – it’s a case of blink and you’ll miss it but if you listen carefully you’ll spot it.

So the key question – will Tigertailz fans who are so used to Kim Hooker being the band’s singer, enjoy this new EP?  I’m fairly sure they will.  Although I’m not a great fan of Jules Millis’s voice, it’s something I’ll probably get used to, and with so much of the material using vocals from most of the band then it’s less of an issue than it would be if the backing vocals weren’t used so much.

A very good EP, and it’s great to see Tigertailz finally releasing some new material.  Now lets hope it’s not another six years before we get more new material.

‘Knives’ will be released on 22nd October 2013

Track listing:

1. Shoe collector
2. One life
3. Bite the hand
4. Spit it out
5. Punched in the gutz

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