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On 16 February 2019
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A quirky album that ebbs and flows along on an electronic pulse that beats with a groovy heart.

To say reviewing an electronica album is out of my comfort zone is a bit of an understatement but after seeing a gig by The Webb a few months ago at Percy’s in Whitchurch, I was kindly given a copy of their second album Truth Delay by them after passing my comments on their performance so it seems fitting I’d put my point of view on it.

Based on the Wirral in Merseyside the duo of Marc and Becki Webb took me back a long time to when I listened to early Tubeway Army, Jean Michel Jarre and whatever New Romantic artists appeared on TOTP. Their live show was totally captivating and that vibe flows through the album as it eases in on the stabbing keys, sparse drums and a vocal refrain of “We’re born we’re bred we’re raised on dread” in ‘Born/Fed’. Other stand out tracks are ‘First In My Book’ as an angrier vocal is backed by a throbbing pulse of synths and metronomic beats.

An ethereal musical backdrop envelopes the spacey vocals during ‘Trust Me I Know’ and things heavy up with the Prodigy like insanity of ‘Get Up N Go’. ‘School’ is the weirdest song here but in a good way as a haunting vocal intertwines with freaky samples. My album highlight is ‘Alice In Wonderland’ as its Tubeway Army pound got me nodding like a Churchill dog in the TV advert and the album closes on the double whammy of ‘I Don’t Need’ and ‘Raised On Dread’. The former has a heavy PIL vibe due to pulsating bass lines backed by bubbling synths and the latter dazzles through headphones as the ambient intro heads off into a hypnotic freak out!

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Truth Delay track listing :-


First In My Book.

Trust Me I Know.

Get Up N Go.




Alice In Wonderland.

I Don’t Need.

Raised On Dread.


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A quirky album that ebbs and flows along on an electronic pulse that beats with a groovy heart.

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