The Virginmarys release blistering new single ‘WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

The Virginmarys new single ‘WHERE ARE YOU NOW? is their first release of 2023 coming off the back of their debut duo  E.P release ‘Devil Keeps Coming’ 2022

Ally: “WHERE ARE YOU NOW? is a song about abandonment, the realisation of being totally alone. Throughout my life I’ve had a belief hovering in the background that there was a presence or force watching over me.

In 2020 I fell very unwell, I have never been so ill in my life and thought I was possibly on my way out. It’s a song of despair, the realisation of my own mortality and how close that can be.”

The accompanying music video (coming soon) is a remake-parody based on John Hughes’ 1989 classic ‘Buddy-Road Movie: ‘PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES’.

Listen to ‘Where Are You Now’:

Danny: “When me and Ally first met at music college the love we both shared for this movie was the first thing we realised we had in common and could literally reel the script off by heart! Years on I realised similarities to the main 2 characters in relation to the journey me and Ally have been through being in a band together on tour was so strongly mirrored.”

“In the movie Del and Neil are constantly travelling around from motel to motel all the while struggling to with their luggage and belongings (in particular Del’s heavy ton chest!!!) Tensions build between the two throughout the movie and it’s a total love/hate relationship that forms. I think the concept totally mirrored what we and probably most bands go through especially in the current climate we find the music industry in. Some days you remember why you’re doing it, why you’re still in the game……other days you just simply. cannot stand the sight of each other!”

The new single is a taste of what to come with a planned new album release in the works set for 2024.

The Virginmarys are currently out on a mammoth two month support tour of Europe and the United Kingdom with The Sisters of Mercy.

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