The Treatment Interviewed at Hard Rock Hell (2/12/11)

This is Lee Walker from conducting an interview with Ben, Tag and Swoggle from The Treatment

LW – For those people out there who are just discovering The Treatment as a result of this festival appearance how did the band come into being?

Ben – Danny the drummer formed the band. He kind of put out a thing on Myspace with Laurie our manager. He asked his dad to help him put a band together so I emailed him and I was familiar with him anyway from his previous stuff and then I came up and auditioned and he said cool. I knew Rick from a couple of years before hand. He was a bass player and Rick knew Tag from school so God knows why we got him in (laughter) and then it went downhill from there.

LW – You have played a lot of gigs and festivals over the short space of time that The Treatment has been in existence. Which one has been your most memorable performance to date ?

Tag – I think Sonisphere was really good for us as it was our first real step up. Going from small clubs to something like that was really amazing.   It was  a real found memory in all of our minds.   All the others of the Alice Cooper shows were just mind blowing.   I think for me the first Black Stone Cherry gig we did we literally just walked out on stage and it wasn’t just a half full venue it was completely jammed.  Everyone turned up early. I think it was sold out so were weren’t playing for three quarters of the crowd. Everyone was in the room.   It was the first time that we walked out and could see faces right to the back.  That for me was great.

Swoggle – High Voltage as well.  I think those two festivals stand out.   It was the first introductions to large crowds.  It was nice to go from smaller clubs, it had a gradual kind of build throughout the year which has been kinda good so its not just been thrown in the deep end.   We have had a kind of chance to build and develop and gain experience from all these different shows, tours and festivals.  I think its been a great experience for us all.

LW – You have recently re-released your album “This Might Hurt” through Spinefarm records.   Do you have any favourite tracks from it?

Ben – I kinda like different tracks from the album to different tracks we play live.  Live ones The Doctors always fun that’s a favourite on record as well.

Tag – Shake The Mountains is one of my favourites.

Swoggle – On the record I Will Be There.

Tag – We don’t normally play it live. For me its got real experience in it.

Swoggle – The bonus track we put on there Road Rocket. It so new wave of British heavy metal. That is the true essence of what we try to capture in our own tunes.

LW – In terms of the bands playing Hard Rock Hell this weekend what ones are you looking forward to watching the most ?

Ben – Airrace Laurie (our manager’s) band definitely.

Tag – Million $ Reload are really good friends of ours.   Airrace on exactly the same time so we are going to try to catch little bits of both of them.  Voodoo
Six have been really cool. Unfortunately we are not here for the Black Stone Cherry day as we would really like to see them again.   They are really cool guys.

Swoggle – and just generally try to stay awake until we go on.

LW – Are there any bands from the rock/metal scene do you recommend keeping any eye on right now ?

Tag – Million $ Reload check them out

Swoggle – Voodoo Six are a really good band

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

Tag – Thank you for an awesome 2011

Swoggle – Try to get down tour of the gigs on the tour – if not we will see you in 2012

Tag – A massive thanks for everything so far from all of us. It just been great.

Ben – You are awesome we love you all (laughter)

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