The Serpentine Ritual

Formed by former band mates Steven Rice (lead guitar) and Wayne DeVecchi (drums) in late 2010 Kill Ritualreflect all of the bands influences from thrash and power metal to prog and just straight classic metal.  The line up is completed by Roberto Proietti (rhythm guitar), Danyael Williams (bass) and Josh Gibson (vocals).

And in a day and age where it seems every new band is trying to create a new genre for themselves it’s a relief to be handed an album by a new band that simply describe themselves as straight up metal.  This is exactly what Kill Ritual have created with debut album The Serpentine Ritual.  I’d say around 70% of this album is basic uncomplicated thrash (which is no bad thing!!)  If you love metal but are fed up of floppy haired youths screaming over what in some cases barely passes for music then you are going to love this album.
Songs like Time To Kill, Cold Hard Floor or Law of the Land are classic sounding thrash songs that are sure to get the hair flying down the front, combined with a clean yet powerful metal vocal that is so rare these days.

However what is going to push this album over the top for you is the other 30%.  Songs like The Day The World Dies and Coat of Blood (which features Andy La Rocque of King Diamond on guitar) show the other strings Kill Ritual have to their collective bow.
The Day The World Dies is a slower but in no way any less commanding track.  Driven along by the thunderous drums and chugging riffs it is a monster of a song.
Whilst Coat of Blood at nearly 8 minutes long is no power ballad it is a tremendous song full of despair and anguish.  From its finger picked guitar and spoken word intro to the rolling drums that build the song up into full flight with solos that are brilliantly intricate in places.

Stand out track for me is the brilliantly titled Old School Thrasher.  Never before has the phrase “Does exactly what is says on the tin” been more appropriate.  This song couldn’t be more old school thrash if it was standing in Nottingham’s Rock City in the 80’s wearing a denim cut off (complete with Slayer back patch) and white Reebok high tops air guitaring and head banging.

The only downside I could see on this album is that some of the songs are overly long and wandering.  Tracks like Torn Down and Prisoner of the Flash for example would have been better served trimmed down slightly.

Over all The Serpentine Ritual is a cracking album combining fantastic musicians with a classic sounding singer.  For me, this album is a solid 8/10.

Kill Ritual is set to release The Serpentine Ritual worldwide through Scarlet Records on 30th October 2012.

Track Listing:

  1. The Serpentine Ritual
  2. Torn Down
  3. Time To Kill
  4. Ambush
  5. Old School Thrasher
  6. Coat of Blood (feat Andy La Rocque of King Diamond)
  7. Cold Hard Floor
  8. Law Of The Land
  9. The Day The World Dies
  10. Prisoner of the Flash
  11. My Neighbourhood (bonus track)

Kill Ritual are:

Steven Rice – Lead Guitar
Wayne DeVecchi – Drums
Roberto Proietti – Rhythm Guitar
Danyael Williams – Bass Guitar
Josh Gibson – Vocals



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