The Quill/ Full Circle cd

Being honest, i’d never heard of The Quill before this cd landed on my door matt, but apparently this is their first album since 2006 and it’s a bit of grower.
After a nearly five year hiatus, Swedish rockers The Quill return with their sixth album Full Circle, and introduce new singer Magnus Arnar, who is a worthy successor to Magnus Ekwell who left in 2007.
The media have labeled them as stoner rock, something I feel is a bit constrictive , as they are more diverse than that, think more Soundgarden and less Queens Of The Stone Age, though they do hit real stoner territory with “24/7 Groove”, and “More Alive”.
The rest of the album stacks up pretty well, there’s even a Ballard, “No Easy Way Out”, and a few generic rock tracks, like ’More Alive’, ’Full Circle’ and ’White Flag’. Though “Black Star” is the stand out track for me.
This is a rich album, full of texture, substance, and well written polished songs, so if you like your stoner rock, a bit on the lighter side, but still with deep thunderous bass lines, and rich grooves, then this is certainly the one for you.

Track Listing:
01. Sleeping With Your Enemy
02. Full Circle
03. Black Star
04. Medicine
05. Bring it On
06. River of Moonchild
07. 24/7 Groove
08. White Flag
09. Pace That Kills
10. No easy way out
11. Running
12. More Alive
13. Waiting for the Sun
A thunderous 8/10
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